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Christian sisters’ cleavages are dropping down lower right in the Church – Bamiloye


Evangelist Mike Bamiloye of the Mount Zion Faith Ministries has addressed the immoral dressing of Christian sisters.

In a Twitter post on Wednesday night, Bamiloye said that some dressings are insulting the sanctity of the sanctuary referencing the cleavage-revealing dresses of some Christian sisters.

He said, “Some people’s dressing are seriously insulting to the sanctity of the sanctuary, yet they never mind. Some Christian sisters are not involved in immorality at all. They are not into flirting around with men. They have kept themselves from fornication and adultery.

However, they have stirred up these sins of lustful thinking and immorality in the heart and mind of a lot of men by their dress-ups and carriage. They love it when young men cast lustful looks at them.

Right in the church, some sisters carry their body and cat-walk around as if in a fashion parade. The skirts of ladies are getting shorter and shorter and their blouses are becoming more tight-fitting and the cleavages are dropping down lower and lower.

Jesus Christ said everyone should be careful never to make anyone fall, or else, it is better for such person to be thrown in the sea with a stone hung around his neck. Sisters, daughters of Zion, do you dress to please The Lord or you dress to please yourselves?

Do you care how sensual and tempting your dress-up looks on campus, streets and church?”

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