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10 facts about Franz Beckenbauer


The football world mourns the loss of a true legend, Franz Beckenbauer, fondly known as ‘Der Kaiser.’ 

At the age of 78, the German football maestro bid farewell on Monday, leaving behind a legacy that forever altered the landscape of the sport.

Beckenbauer, undeniably one of the greatest players and managers in football history, has left an indelible mark on the beautiful game. 

His elegant style on the field and tactical brilliance as a manager have etched his name in the annals of sporting greatness.

Here are ten interesting facts about the football icon:

  1. Franz Beckenbauer, the legendary “Der Kaiser,” was born on September 11, 1945, in the post-war ruins of Munich, Germany.
  2. Born to a postal worker, Franz Beckenbauer emerged from the remnants of war, destined for greatness.
  3. Franz lifted the World Cup as captain in 1974 and managed Germany to glory in 1990. 
  4. Beckenbauer led Bayern Munich to their inaugural European Cup victory in 1974, sparking a football revolution.
  5. The football legend claimed the Ballon d’Or in 1972 and 1976, shattering norms as the first defender to seize this prestigious accolade.
  6. The mastermind behind a defensive evolution, Beckenbauer redefined football strategy, introducing an offensive twist to the center defensive sweeper position.
  7. With 103 caps and 14 goals, Beckenbauer’s international prowess showcased his brilliance on the global stage from 1965 to 1977.
  8. A controversy arose in 2014 when Beckenbauer faced a 90-day ban from the FIFA Ethics Committee, embroiled in corruption allegations tied to the 2018 and 2022 World Cup allocations.
  9. Bayern Munich paid tribute to Franz in 2014 with the unveiling of a statue, immortalizing Beckenbauer’s impact on German football.
  10. Unforgettable moments abound in Beckenbauer’s career, from marking Sir Bobby Charlton in the 1966 World Cup final to seamlessly transitioning to the iconic defensive sweeper role.