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Why no terrorist can attack Buhari – Security expert


Special Assistant to the President on Disaster Management, Group Captain Sadeeq Garba Shehu (RTD), has said the threat to kidnap the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.) is empty.

Capt. Shehu while speaking on TVC News on Friday said he aligned himself with the comment of the Minister of Culture and Information, Lai Mohammed describing the kidnapping threat from terrorists as laughable.

This is coming on the heels of the comment made by a terrorist group that was going to kidnap the President and governor of Kaduna state, Nasir El-Rufai.

According to the security expert, the President has three layers of security outfit guarding him and his family, and even the Aso-Rock building is heavily guarded.

He explained that the efforts and logistics that will be needed by the anti-state actors in carrying out their threat make it an unserious security concern.

“Looking at the efforts and amount of logistics, you’ll need to attack the president of any modern state in the world, I will also align myself with what the minister (Lai Muhammed) said, that in as much as we cannot say it is not something of concern, but the feasibility, the practicality of these people getting to a president are very very remote.

“The kind of security that is around the president or members of his family and even the Aso-Rock building is so intimidating that I do not think any person will attempt attacking the president there.

“Contrary to what people believe, the president without going into details is surrounded by multiply layers of security, you have to bridge at least three circles of securities before you get at all to the president, and all these circles are well protected with different agencies, the Captain stated.

Shehu further said, “Unlike what people are saying that the presidential guards are the people protecting the president, the truth is that those guards are not even inside the inner perimeter of the presidential security.

“The presidential guard will operate on the outer security of those three circles that I mentioned earlier.”

However, an alleged group of foreign mercenaries, consisting of 26 Columbians and two Haitian Amaercans non-state actors assassinated the President of Haiti, Jovenel Moïse.

According to BBC, Moïse, 53, was shot dead inside his home in the Pelerin 5 neighbourhood, in the hills above Port-au-Prince at 01:00 local time on 7 July 2021, according to police.

The president was shot 12 times and had bullet wounds to his forehead and several to his torso. His left eye had been gouged out and bones in his arm and his ankle had been broken, according to one of the judges conducting the investigation.

He died at the scene and was found lying on the floor on his back, his shirt soaked in blood. The first lady, Martine Moïse, was also shot but survived.

The assailants were able to penetrate the president’s house by disguising themselves as US drug enforcement agents.

Investigation showed that the ground between the property’s gatehouse and the residence was littered with cartridge cases, indicating that multiple shots were fired.

Yet the only people injured by bullets were the president and his wife, a fact which has raised questions about the possible complicity of the president’s guards.

The group seems to have met little or no resistance inside the residence and when fleeing after perpetrating the crime.