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VIDEO: US plane catches fire on runway


A Spirit Airline plane caught fire after making a safe landing on the runway of Hartsfield Jackson International Airport in Atlanta on Sunday.

The plane which flew from Tampa, Florida, caught fire after the tire overheated upon landing in Atlanta, leaving passengers scared.

A Spirit Airline attendant could be heard trying to calm terrified passengers by saying “Ladies and gentlemen please stay seated we do not have to evacuate.

“If the pilot gives us command to evacuate we will evacuate but please remain seated right now and keep the aisle way clean. If we do have to evacuate please just leave your bags, we will let you know please remain seated.”

However, Atlanta Fire Rescue was able to put out the fire with no one hurt and the plane was towed to the gate for panicking passengers to disembark, airport officials said.

‘The aircraft was towed to the gate where guests safely deplaned without any injuries. Thank you to the Atlanta first responders for immediately meeting the aircraft,’ a statement from the airline read.

‘The plane will be temporarily removed from service for maintenance,’ it added.

Watch the video posted on Twitter by one of the passengers on board(@imgoinscottie) below: