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UK man threatens bus driver, passenger with acid


A man has been arrested following an incident on a bus in south London, where he allegedly threatened the driver and passengers while claiming to have acid.

The arrest occurred after police responded to the incident in Thornton Heath on Sunday night.

The suspect, described as a man in his forties, boarded a 109 bus in Brixton and began smoking.

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When confronted by other passengers, he reportedly threatened them with an alleged corrosive substance on London Road, Thornton Heath, leading to a standoff with police. However, authorities later confirmed that the substance was not harmful or corrosive.

Police, dressed in chemical suits, stormed the bus shortly after 8:30 pm. Other passengers left the bus, and the substance was not thrown. No injuries were reported.

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During the incident, the man was tasered by police and subsequently taken to the hospital as officers suspected he may have taken drugs.

A Met Police spokesperson clarified, “Nobody was held hostage. The man made threats, and everyone else on the bus immediately got off. The substance was not thrown. Shortly before midnight, the 44-year-old man was arrested for affray. The substance was found not to be harmful. Taser was discharged prior to his arrest, and officers believe the man had taken drugs. As a precaution, he was taken to the hospital. His condition is not believed to be life-threatening.”

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