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Third Class OAU graduate tops class in Canada


Third Class OAU graduate tops class in Canada

A Twitter user, @_Larenzo, has revealed how he came top in his class in Canada despite graduating with a third class from Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU).

@Larenzo, a Civil and Chemical Engineer who goes by the name Ray Reddington on the microblogging platform, made the comment in a reply to a post by Nebula/@Vaness_ah on Twitter.

Nebula had written: “The opportunities we will never have because we’re born Nigerian.”

Reacting @_Larenzo, shared how his lecturers in Canada helped him to know he was a genius and smarter.

He wrote,

“In OAU I graduated with a 3rd class. In Canada, my lecturers urged me to take an IQ test after they saw my methods in solving shit. Turns out I’m a genius. By my test results, I’m smarter than 99% of the world and yes I topped my class. Who would have known.”


See post below;

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His post garnered a lot of reactions from social media users. See some of the reactions below;

Reacting, one Twitter user @OfficialSamkayz agreed with @_Larenzo. He noted that the same thing he would write in class and earn a poor grade, he would do the same for his sister who schools in the UK and it would earn her an exceptional grade.

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He wrote;

“You are so right. I graduated with 2:2 and I sometimes help my sister who studied in the UK with her Assignment. When she submitted the Assignment, she got exceptional grade and I said “This is the thing I wrote for my Lecturer then and he manages to give me 23/70 in exam.”

He added,

“I remember one of my lecturer told us that he always feel for us in Computer Science that we are taking 9 courses(project inclusive) in 400L. He said when he was in final year in Scotland, he Only have 2 courses to deal with per semester. How can I take 2 courses & not have A”

Another Twitter user, @_neekohl said that lecturers don’t take it lightly when a student is too intelligent.

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He wrote;

“There is something known as being too intelligent for Nigerian lecturers. I learnt to vomit what they tell me while keeping my additional information to myself.”