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Proposal Made Simple! Lady shares unique way her husband proposed to her


On social media, tales – funny, sad, ugly and very memorable ones – abound of how guys proposed to their heartthrobs and asked for their hands in marriage. Some are lucky, get the YES and some tears of joy while some fall on the opposite side, get a blunt NO and – if bending the knee – shamefacedly stand and walk away.

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But, a Nigerian lady has shared a unique, probably first of a kind way, her husband who hails from the eastern part of Nigeria proposed to her.

The man, who apparently had no time for certain frivolities, pulled up at her house, called her to come out and, after she obliged and got into his car, asked her to try some engagement rings to see if it fits. Once she got a perfect fit, he said his goodbyes and took off, leaving the lady to add one and one together…

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Read the conversation she shared below;

Him: Nne, I’m in front of your house, come out, I’m waiting inside the car.

Her: *Comes out and enters the car

Him: put on this ring and check if it’s your size

Her: *puts on the ring but it’s a bit oversized

Him: oya check this second one and see if it fits

Her: *wears the second ring and it fitted perfectly.

Him: ngwanu, I will be going, greet your parents for me and give this plate of fried chicken to your sister.

That was how my husband proposed to me. Igbo men.