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Osun mosque reopened after three years closure over Imam selection



After nearly two years of closure, the Central Mosque in Inisa town, Odo-Otin Local Government, Osun State, witnessed the Jummat prayer as Muslims from the town and neighboring areas gathered for the congregational prayer.

Addressing journalists after the prayer, Sheikh Abdullahi Olohunlomerue, the Secretary of the Association of Imam and Khatib in Osun State, acknowledged ongoing efforts to resolve the dispute over the selection of an Imam for the mosque.

He assured that the matter would be settled by the Grand Imam of the State, Sheikh Musa Animashaun, before the next Jumat prayer, urging Muslims in the town to remain calm and cooperate for the sake of peace.

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“We are here today to end all the issues in Inisa Central Mosque. There have been a lot of misunderstandings which led to the dropping of the mosque. Nobody closed the Central Mosque,” Olorunlomerue explained.

He continued, “The Muslims in India didn’t go to the mosque for a certain reason, and we are at the point of getting to the root of that reason. By the Grace of God, before next week’s Jumat, the Grand Imam of Osun State has promised to settle everything amicably.”

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Imam Abdulrauf Amodarufai, representing the Grand Imam, led the prayer during the reopening of the mosque.

Olorunlomerue emphasized the importance of unity, stating, “United we stand and divided we fall. Let us toe the same line to have lasting peace. Islam is a symbol of peace, and we Muslims are good symbols for others, and we should not behave otherwise.”

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The Central Mosque was closed in 2021 following a dispute over the succession of the late Chief Imam, Mustapha Baruwa, leading to a government order for its closure due to the loss of lives during the disagreement on the new Chief Imam.