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Okada rider electrocuted while saving car accident victim in Lagos


A motorcyclist has died while attempting to rescue a yet-to-be-identified mechanic who was involved in an accident at Festac Town in the Amuwo-Odofin Local Government Area of Lagos State.

The deceased has been identified as Abdullahi Hassan.

According to reports, the mechanic, while driving a Toyota Venza on top speed on the G1 Close, 21 Road, Festac, ran into an electric pole and knocked it down in the process.

While the pole fell, the wires on it were said to have snapped and fallen to the ground.

It was learnt that the impact of the crash caused the car to summersault and people at the scene of the accident rushed to rescue the mechanic.

Hassan, who was riding his motorcycle on the road, was said to have also parked in a bid to assist in rescuing the mechanic, who got stuck in the vehicle, but he got electrocuted after stepping on the wires that were on the ground.

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Eyewitnesses said when they noticed that Hassan had been electrocuted, they gave him milk in a bid to revive him and he was later taken to hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

A trader, who simply identified herself as Mama Chima, said there was power outage when the car crashed into the pole, but as people gathered to rescue the mechanic, power was restored and the fallen wires electrocuted Hassan

She said,

“The accident happened a week ago; the man (Hassan) was not killed by the car involved in the accident, it was the wires that fell from the pole that electrocuted him. There was no power supply when the accident occurred, so people gathered there. Suddenly, power was restored and Hassan’s body touched a naked wire and it electrocuted him and slammed him on the ground.

“Onlookers thought it was a minor issue, so they brought milk and gave him, but he later died. The people had already rescued the mechanic involved in the accident and Hassan was among those, who gathered at the scene of the accident.”

A resident of the area, Joshua Olushola, said,

“The car was driven by a mechanic on top speed when he ran into the pole. After the car had tumbled, people rushed to rescue him and it was after he had been rescued that the Hausa boy got electrocuted. We were even surprised that he was electrocuted; it was as if he had been predestined to die that way.

“Although I was not around because the accident happened early in the morning, but what I gathered was that the car ran into an electric pole and the pole is still on the floor, but electricians have come to take away the wires that killed the Hausa boy.

“The boy was riding his motorcycle when he saw people gathered at the accident scene, so he parked his motorcycle, disembarked and moved closer to observe what happened when he stepped on one of the wires and was electrocuted.”


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