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NMA tasks Makinde to be proactive in fight against COVID-19


NMA tasks Makinde to be proactive in fight against COVID-19

Medical doctors in Oyo State under the aegis of the Nigeria Medical Association have urged the state government to expedite actions on the refurbishment of facilities at the various isolation centres.

The group, in a statement made available to journalists in Ibadan on Thursday, advised the state government to stop all gatherings in frantic bid to stop the spread.

It urged the state government to “provide necessary protective equipment and adequate security for medical officials curbing the spread of the virus.”

It read that the government should assemble experts from different fields in the management of the outbreak, adding,

“If possible, a total lockdown of activities in the state, including movement of people not on essential duty for a period would be appropriate.

“As at 11.30pm of March 25, 51 people have been declared infected after testing while many more are awaiting their results.

“We still have a chance to do something now although time is not our friend in this matter. For now, what is required of us to stem the tide is simple; stay at home and reduce contact with people knowing that everyone is a potential carrier of the virus.

“The symptoms of the infection, though largely respiratory, can be felt in other systems of the body as the spectrum is being studied daily worldwide.

“However, the consensus so far is that the manifestation and outcome is worse in some vulnerable groups like the elderly and those with underlying medical problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory diseases.

“The dreaded COVID 19 virus spreads primarily through contact with droplets or discharge from the airway of the infected persons, hence the importance of practising respiratory etiquette by coughing into a flexed elbow, proper usage of face mask and hand hygiene.

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“It is important to note that the virus cannot spread itself except we pass it on, thus, the best way to prevent and slow down transmission is to have proper information about the virus and the mode of spreads and also to protect ourselves and others from infection by practising proper and frequent handwashing or using alcohol-based hand sanitizers and more importantly, keeping social distance.

“Protecting ourselves is the only way to be able to help others. We are in the forefront of this war and cannot afford to let down our guards. We can and shall overcome this battle.

“We have a big battle on our hands and Nigeria is still not sure of the real figures of our infected population as we are lagging behind with the testing of suspected cases. Thus, the onus lies on us to take our destiny in our own hands. Oyo State’s proximity to Lagos, which is fast becoming the epicentre of the pandemic in Nigeria, calls for action on our side and the government must back their words with adequate action to save us all.”