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Nigerian passport ranked 99th most powerful behind Seychelles, Ghana


Nigeria occupies 99th position in the new global ranking of the most powerful passports.

The Henley Passport Index ranked all of the world’s passports according to the number of destinations their holder can visit without a visa.

The report compares the visa-free access of 199 passports to 227 countries to identify which passports give their holder the most superior global connections.

Seychelles is the highest-ranked African country on the list at 28 with access to 152 countries visa-free.

Ghana is ranked 80th with access to 64 countries without a visa.

The Nigerian passport, however, grants visa-free access to 45 countries.

Japan and Singapore continue to hold the world’s most powerful passports, with their citizens having visa-free access to 192 countries.

The global ranking has also revealed Ukraine now ranks in 34th place with a visa-free/visaon-arrival score of 143, a ‘record high’ for the country.

Russia trails behind in 49th place, with a score of 117, falling from 46th place, which it held earlier in the year before the invasion of Ukraine.

The UK passport climbed the ranks from sixth place to fifth with a visa-free score of 187, while the US passport is one step behind in sixth place with a score of 186.