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Love your skin, Sophia Momodu speaks on bleaching


Businesswoman, Sophie Momodu, has spoken at length about bleaching.

Advising people to love their skin, the mother of one, in an Instagram post on Friday said; “So just to be clear, a naturaaly light skinned woman is walking through a crowd of darker skinned people including children and they’re all oooing and ah-ing at her beauty…

“And this is to sell a bleaching product which literally has “white’ (so subtle btw) in the name???

“Meanwhile the entire cast apart from the lead character are all naturally dark skinned people..??

“Is this what we’re teaching our kids in 2022?

“I don’t think dark skinned people understand how beautiful they are tbh…your favourite light skinned or do I say American celebrities “Tan” constantly because they want your beautiful melanin!

“Dark skinned children, women and men do not need to be brainwashed into wanting to change their skin color for any reason at all.

“If snow white was alive today I can guarantee you that she’d have a tanning appointment every Saturday just to get a piece of that melanin boo

“Love the skin that you’re in…God knew what he was doing when he created you.

“People who bleach their skin are the most confused people to me tbh…if leaching was so great why are you so ashamed of your knuckles and knees?

“Do you know that having clean and healthy skin is better than having lighter skin?

“Have you ever seen Kim Kardashian or Kyle Jenner without a tan? Lol they will never let the general public see them in their real ‘snow white’ form so why then do you want to change your beautiful skin simply because someone wants to sell a product?

“Before you buy any bleaching products my dear think…do some research…or even try therapy…Love and Light”