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Lagos police arrest fake commissioner of police, lawyer


The Lagos State Police Command has arrested two men for impersonating a commissioner of police and a lawyer.

The fake commissioner of police, Nwagu Emmanuel, was arrested at the police headquarters in Ikeja, Lagos, while trying to facilitate the release of a suspect.

He was found to be in possession of a fake identification card.

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Emmanuel told the police that he was given the ID card by an RRS official for N2,000.

“The ID card was given to me by Abba, an RRS official. I was the only one he gave it to. It was inside our hotel. They were guarding that place.

“So, when they vacated the place, he gave me a singlet and even a cap. The ID card was N2,000. It was given to me last year. The only day I presented it was when the VIO stopped me. I told them I was a retired officer.” he said

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The other suspect, Ibrahim Bello, was arrested at a court in Epe, Lagos, while wearing a lawyer’s robe.

He was reported to the police by the Epe Branch of the Nigerian Bar Association, which said he had been pretending to be a lawyer for years.

The police said they are investigating both cases and will charge the suspects to court soon.

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