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Lagos housewife accuse police of wrongful detention, harassment


A Lagos-based housewife, Mrs. Ruth Inobi Adaji, has accused the police of wrongful detention, harassment, and intimidation in connection with allegations made against her brother.

The incident revolves around a dispute involving an Uber driver named Tonia Chichi, who claims to have given N3,336,000 to Mrs. Adaji’s brother for investment purposes.

Adaji detailed her experience to Vanguard, stating, “She (Chichi) informed me that she had given N3,336,000 to my brother to invest for her and pleaded with me to appeal to my brother to give her back the money.”

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Adaji emphasized that this was the first time she had heard about any financial transaction between Chichi and her brother.

The situation escalated when Chichi, accompanied by the police, reportedly stormed Adaji’s house in Festac. “They accused me of conspiracy to defraud Tonia Chichi. I protested vehemently against the accusation. I told them I wasn’t aware of the transaction and did not participate in it,” she said.

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She further explained that despite her health condition, she was taken to the FESTAC police station and later transferred to Alagbon police station.

“I’m appealing to the IGP to bring these wicked and evil men in uniform to justice”

“They have shown by actions and conduct that they do not deserve the trust given to them by the Nigerian Police to execute their duties accordingly to the citizenry,” Adaji laments.

Adaji, who claimed to have been treated inhumanely during her detention, has instructed her lawyers to take legal action against the police.

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The police spokesperson at Alagbon, Asp Mayegun Amina, responded to the allegations, stating, “I have told the lady to come to my office, let me hear her complaints, invite the officers, and if found guilty, we will follow police procedure in handling such cases.”

“We have nothing to hide. She can also come with journalists,” Amina added.