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JUST IN: Taliban to declare Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan


Taliban to declare Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Following the capture of Kabul and almost its major stronghold, the Taliban has announced that the Arab country may be rechristened the ‘Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.’

This development comes after the insurgents demanded a “peaceful transfer of power” after the Afghan President, Ashraf Ghani, who many have described as ‘a lonely and isolated figure’ escaped from the Royal Palace to avoid falling into the hands of the Taliban.

The UK Guardian says the new government is preparing to declare the birth of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

There are also reports that thousands of locals are racing to escape the city, while staff from foreign embassies are being evacuated.

Meanwhile, the spokesman for the Taliban’s political office, Mohammad Naeem, has told Al-Jazeera TV today that the war is over in Afghanistan and that the type of rule and the form of the regime will be made clear soon.

The Taliban also told Reuters that, “We assure everyone that we will provide safety for citizens and diplomatic missions. We are ready to have a dialogue with all Afghan figures and will guarantee them the necessary protection,” Naeem told the Qatar-based channel.

Recall that the Taliban had previously governed Afghanistan between 1996 and 2001, an era where it imposed a strict interpretation of Islamic sharia law before being ousted and launching an insurgency.

Historically, the Taliban originated among young Afghans who studied in Sunni Islamic schools called madrassas in Pakistan after fleeing Afghanistan during the 1979-1989 Soviet occupation.

They took their name from talib, the Arabic word for student.

The Guardian reported that in the early 1990s, with Afghanistan in the chaos and corruption of civil war, the Taliban was formed in the southern province of Kandahar under the leadership of one-eyed warrior-cleric, Mullah Omar.

Mullah means a Muslim learned in Islamic theology and sacred law.