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Jenifa’s Diary gave me recognition — Jerry koko manager


Jerry koko

A Nollywood actor, Jerry Smart Ordu, with the stage name Jerry Koko, says that his starring in the popular soap opera -“Jenifa’s Diary’’ has earned him more popularity.

Koko with other stage names such as “Mr Randy’’, “Rakon’’ and “Lover Boy’’ told the News Agency of Nigeria that he would love to see a return to act in the soap opera.

Jerry Koko acted as the salon manager in the opera and was very randy with stylists that eventually led to his sack.

Ordu speaking on his role said that “Jenifa’s Diary’’ was his lunch pad to popularity in Nollywood adding that he had got many roles after it.

“I starred mainly in “Jenifa’s Diary’’ as Jerry Koko where I played the role of the manager.  I must say that it has really exposed my potential as a versatile artiste.

“I have been in the industry for quite a while now, and thank God for the recognition I got lately which is as a result of my role in “Jenifa’s Diary’’.

“I must confess that “Jenifa’s Diary’’ actually boosted my profile, it opens the door for me in Nollywood and, most importantly, it gives me a plus.

“Right now, I am getting a lot of receptions everywhere I go; it is like I have never acted before.

“Everybody just wants to meet me and all thanks to God,” he said.

Ordu said that with the exposure he got from “Jenifa’s Diary’’, he would be willing to jump at any opportunity to act in the opera whenever he was invited.

“I must say “Jenifa`s Diary’’ really pushed me. It is actually a series so anything can happen, I may return to the set one day.

“I sometimes spoke to the production manager of the film and he assured me that I might be invited to the location in the home series again,’’ he said.

Ordu said that he was at present starring in a soap opera titled “Dreamers Sideway’’ which he said would be another blockbuster when released to the public.

“I am starring as a footballer in the home series.

“In the series, I am acting as someone who believes he will hit newspapers’ headlines with his career as a successful footballer; a skilful player.

“So, this is a different character from Jerry Okoro of “Jenifa’s Diary’’, he said.