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IPOB! Mixed reactions trail Nnamdi Kanu’s sudden appearance in Jerusalem


Nnamdi Kanu arrest Kenya IPOB Nigeria

Nigerians on Twitter have expressed divergent views after the sudden appearance of the proscribed leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu.

Social media commentators and political analysts took to their individual pages to give their two cents about the leader who went missing in September 2017, when his Umuahia family compound was invaded by men of the Nigeria Army.

Recall that WuzupNaija had reported that the pro-Biafra separatist group leader was clad in white cloth and a cap was seen praying at the wailing wall in the Holy City in viral videos and photos.

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One Twitter user, one Kelvin Odanz @Kelvin_Odanz, who also aired his views over the sudden appearance of Kanu wrote a lengthy tweet thread about it.

@Kelvin_Odanz said “just like Ojukwu, he’s just another unprincipled opportunistic coward with no values.

He wrote;

“I am glad to hear that Nnamdi Kanu is alive even though I don’t agree with his politics and methods.

“Just like Ojukwu, he’s just another unprincipled opportunistic coward with no values.

“He’s learnt how to exploit the victimhood sentiments in the Igboland and that’s a shame.

“He’d probably throw himself into the current political impasse, create further division and incite young Igbo men into violence.

“And then he’d probably disappear again when the heat gets too much. Or align himself with a political faction.

“I hope he gets arrested and duly tried.

“Ojukwu is a coward. It is okay for you to see him as a hero or whatever.

“He fought and unrealistic war and kept on fighting and sacrificing men, women and children even when he knew the war was lost.

“True heroes die with the cause and become martyred legends. But not Ojukwu.

“After fighting a senseless war, Ojukwu ran off like a coward. In fact, he boarded a plane that was originally meant to fly orphaned children out of Nigeria.

“He didn’t just use the plane to escape, he made sure he packed enough luxury items for exile, including his Mercedes Benz.

“On his return to Nigeria, he mostly abandoned and disregarded Biafran veterans who fought for him and lost limbs for him.

“Several events were organized in their honour and Ojukwu didn’t attend.

“Lastly, Ojukwu was an ardent supporter of Abacha even after he hanged Saro Wiwa.

“Abacha was someone who represented everything Ojuwku fought for.

“And to crown it all, he nursed ambitions of being President of the very country he violently fought against..

“Unprincipled. With no value. Opportunistic. A coward. Thanks for coming to my TedTalk.

“It is okay for you to see him as a hero for sake of sentiments, but for others (including Chuba Okadigbo and Zik), Ojukwu was a cowardly egoistic fraud.

“In fact, he contested for senator in his constituency on his return and lost. May his soul RIP ?

“Oh. Nnamdi Kanu is acting based on the Ojukwu cowardice playbook tho.

“He incites young people into violence, flees when the heat gets too much and returns to play fief when the dust settles. And then probably aligns himself with Nigerian politics. IPOB fraud ?

“OJUKWU IS A COWARDLY FRAUD. Now that’s an opinion of mine. You are allowed to have a different opinion on him.

“In fact, you can also call me names and I’d choose whether or not to block you. That’s how free societies work!”

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