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You are evil if you’re abroad and discouraging others from coming – Twitter user


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A Nigerian writer, Ikenna Nzimora has lambasted people who live abroad but discourage others not to come over.

Ikenna described these set of people as evil.

It is fast becoming a trend among some Nigerians living abroad to dissuade others who have plans to relocate to the United States, Canada and other foreign countries.

They always based their arguments on the cold weather, absence of friends and family members to hang out with and look up to in times of need.

“It is cold and lonely out here”, some of them always argue.

Notwithstanding, some Nigerians who have been nursing plans to leave the country in search of greener pastures always insist they are ready to migrate, whatever the case may be.

Condemning their advice, Ikenna said their utterances could be likened to dissuading people from seeking their own opportunities when they are enjoying theirs.

He further described them as not just evil but people capable of murder.

He tweeted:

“You are evil if you are abroad and telling people not to come, or dissuading people from seeking their own opportunities abroad also.

“In fact, evil does not begin to describe you. You can murder.

“Of course, I dissuade people from doing it illegitimately.

“But sitting pretty abroad and telling people not to come, because “it’s cold”, “it’s expensive”, “it’s lonely”, while you’re there is being really silly, and that’s putting it mildly.”



See his tweet: