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Heartbreaking reactions as Twitter users share how they nabbed their cheating partners


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Cheating partners in relationships mostly have to live in secrecy, tell so many lies to protect their partners from finding out about their unfaithfulness.

When they eventually get caught, some partners who cannot cope with infidelity quit the relationship, some go as far as taking to social media to call out and shame their cheating partners.

It is heartbreaking, traumatic and depressing when partners catch their other half cheating on them, especially after material, emotional investment into the relationship.

Some unfaithful partners are so smart in the act that they seldom get caught. It is believed that some ‘special kind of skills’ is needed to nab a cheating partner.

Social media users who have been with a cheating partner in the past are sharing how they detected their partners cheated on them.

A Twitter user @TheMofeoluwa had posted a tweet asking netizens to share their experience with a cheating partner and how they discovered.

Mofeoluwa wrote:

“Have you ever been cheated on? How did you find out??? Share your story please.”

The viral tweet evoked a torrent of heartbreaking reactions from Netizens.

Some of those who reacted revealed that they nabbed their cheating partners through their social media accounts after hacking into their Facebook, WhatsApp accounts.

@Villiageid1ot said he created a pseudo-Instagram account to trap his girlfriend and she fell for it.

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He tweeted:

Another user wrote:


See other reactions:

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