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Groups demand probe of election verdicts


A coalition comprising three pressure groups—the South-South Routine Movement, Bayelsa Routine Movement, and Delta Youth Movement for Good Governance—has jointly called for a comprehensive investigation into the Appeal Court decisions on several election cases, notably focusing on the Kano State Governorship.

This call was made during a media briefing held in Port Harcourt, the capital of Rivers State.

The coalition’s spokesperson, Podoki Austin, stressed the pressing requirement for the National Judicial Council to thoroughly examine the grievances concerning the rulings of the election tribunal and Appeal courts.

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This scrutiny is particularly directed towards Zamfara, Plateau, and notably, Kano States.

“A couple of paragraphs and sentences cannot be defined as a ‘clerical error,’ as put forward in the defense by the Appeal Court. Even to us as youths in the South-South, it is glaringly clear that the contradictory nature of the lead judgment in the Kano Appeal case is scandalous and is an indicator of what the people of Nigeria see about the judiciary!” Austin stated.

The coalition warned that dismissing such errors could lead to a potential time bomb in the country and expressed concerns about the impact on the nation’s democracy, citing the conduct of recent off-cycle elections in Bayelsa, Imo, and Kogi states.

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In addition to their electoral concerns, the coalition addressed the issue of the cost of governance, asserting that it is burdensome for citizens’ daily survival.

They called for an immediate reduction in the cost of governance at all levels of government, especially at the federal level.

“We call on governments at all levels, especially at the federal level, to cut its costs. Our country is neck deep in debt, and we are still borrowing. Unfortunately, our government is busy buying four-wheel drives, renovating, and still enjoying the same VIP privileges whilst it has told the people to tighten their belts (thus removing petroleum subsidies, etc). The size of government is too big and it must be pruned down to an efficient size,” the coalition declared.

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