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Adeleke denies suspension of Osun CJ


The Osun State government has clarified that Governor Ademola Adeleke did not personally suspend the state’s Chief Judge, Justice Oyebola Ojo. Instead, the suspension was initiated by the State House of Assembly, and Governor Adeleke merely acted upon their resolution.

The Commissioner for Information and Public Enlightenment, Kolapo Alimi, explained in a statement on Friday.

The government emphasized that the House of Assembly’s action was not motivated by ongoing litigation but rather by their constitutional authority to investigate the Chief Judge. 

They further clarified that the investigation pertains to the alleged misappropriation of funds appropriated by the House of Assembly.

In response to the National Judicial Council’s intervention, the state government assured the public that they had provided appropriate representation to the NJC. 

They reiterated that the suspension was not an act of defiance against the NJC or the judiciary but rather a necessary step to ensure proper investigation and accountability.

We also call the attention of the public that the misappropriated money over which investigation is being carried out were appropriated by the State House of Assembly and the body has the constitutional right to inquire how money it appropriated was applied.

“We re-assure the public that appropriate representation has been made to National Judicial Council, over the development.

“And we affirm that the Chief Judge was not suspended by the Governor, as being mischievously represented by some sections of the media.

“Rather it is the State Assembly on the premise that an official cannot be on the seat whilst investigation is ongoing, that asked the Chief Judge to step aside. The governor only acted on the Resolution of the House.

“To ensure there is no vacuum, the governor appointed an Acting Chief Judge, as prescribed by the Constitution in a situation like this.

“It is, therefore, the responsibility of the State Assembly to inform the public, NJC and the governor about its findings, on conclusion of its investigation, and also make resolutions on the next line of action.

“We want to put it on record that the governor is a law-abiding person, and will not do anything to compromise the rule of law.

“Whenever the court processes are served on the persons listed as defendants in the alleged suit (if any), they would take appropriate steps to react,” the statement read.

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The government also reaffirmed Governor Adeleke’s commitment to the rule of law and assured the public that they would comply with any court orders issued in this matter.