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Abia to increase minimum wage for workers


Abia State Governor, Alex Otti, has announced plans to engage with stakeholders to enhance the minimum wage for the state’s workers, aligning it with the current economic realities.

The Governor made this disclosure during the 3rd edition of his monthly media chat in Umuahia on Friday night, emphasizing the need for the adjustments due to the prevailing economic challenges in the nation.

“We do understand that things are a bit more difficult for the people. We are engaging with stakeholders to see how we can improve the pay of civil servants in line with the present economic realities, where exchange rates have converged upwards, fuel subsidy has been removed, and inflation is heading to 30%,” Otti explained.

He further stated, “We are already working to see how we can improve on not just the minimum wage but also across the line, and an announcement to that effect will be made in due course.”

Governor Otti clarified that recently retired Permanent Secretaries and Directors would receive arrears of salaries and their gratuities.

Additionally, he reaffirmed his commitment to addressing pension arrears as earlier promised.

Responding to questions about the state of the Government House, Governor Otti explained his decision not to reside there, citing the unfinished state of the building commissioned by his predecessor.

He highlighted the need for renovations and the impracticality of moving into the uncompleted structure.

“My predecessor commissioned an uncompleted building. That’s a deceit of the highest order. He didn’t need to commission it. The upper floors were not touched; in fact, the second floor was not even plastered, so why commission?” Otti questioned.

Regarding the alleged spending of nine hundred and twenty-seven million naira on food by his government in the third quarter, the governor dismissed the claims as baseless.

He labeled it a “hatchet man’s job” orchestrated by individuals intimidated by the ongoing reforms in various sectors of the state economy.

“There is nothing like that. It was a hatchet man’s job, done for a particular purpose. The truth about the matter is that it was a falsehood,” the governor affirmed.