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160 Nigerian youths get $1.2m grant for projects


Approximately 160 youths have been awarded a total of $1.2 million in grants from the Nigeria Youth Futures Fund for various projects across the country.

The Minister of Youth Development, Dr. Jamila Ibrahim, announced the grant disbursement, highlighting the substantial increase from the previous year’s $600,000 allocation to 130 recipients.

Speaking at the unveiling of grant beneficiaries in Abuja, the event was themed ‘Catalysing Youth Agency for Nigeria We Want’ and attended by Deputy Speaker Benjamin Kalu.

Dr. Jamila Ibrahim emphasized President Bola Tinubu’s consistent emphasis on the significance of Nigerian youth in driving the nation’s economy.

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She stated, “This fund serves as a tangible manifestation of that commitment, a bridge between the aspirations of our youth and the supportive policies and resources needed to bring those aspirations to life.”

The minister highlighted the broader implications of this year’s grant increase, describing it as a bold move to catalyze change and encourage active youth participation in shaping Nigeria’s future.

She expressed confidence in the youth, stating, “We believe in your power to innovate, lead, and drive the progress we all aspire to witness.”

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Deputy Speaker Benjamin Kalu emphasized that the NYFF is not just a financial aid but a strategic investment in Nigeria’s future.

He articulated, “We are not simply distributing funds; we are sowing the seeds of a new era. An era where the voices of young Nigerians are amplified, their energies harnessed, and their dreams realized.”

Kalu further underscored NYFF’s commitment to empowering Nigerian youth, aligning with the vision of a Nigeria where young people actively participate in societal change.

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Kehinde Ayeni, the Executive Director of LEAP Africa, provided insight into the collaborative nature of NYFF.

She explained, “The Nigeria Youth Futures Fund is a five-year collaborative initiative implemented by LEAP Africa and funded by MacArthur Foundation and Ford Foundation, youth leadership in Nigeria.”

Various speakers at the event urged Nigerian youth to seize leadership roles and actively participate in shaping the country’s future.