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Zamfara mining pit collapse kills three, leaves 11 injured


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A mining pit collapsed in Dan Kamfani, Anka Local Government of Zamfara State, claiming the lives of three small-scale miners and leaving 11 others seriously injured.

According to an eyewitness who works in the vicinity, the incident unfolded around 4 p.m. on Thursday, with the exact number of casualties remaining unconfirmed due to the depth of the collapsed mining pit, measuring 275 meters.

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“The mining collapsed a few minutes to 4 p.m. on Thursday. We don’t know the exact number of people inside the mining pit, but three dead bodies were recovered, and 11 others are seriously wounded.”

“The three people who died are from the Yar Tsabaya district of Anka Local Government. Up till now, we don’t have the actual figure of the people inside, and we cannot confirm the number of people because the mining pit is about 275 meters deep,” the eyewitness explained.

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The injured victims are currently receiving medical attention at the Anka General Hospital, where efforts are being made to stabilize their conditions.

Zamfara State, known for its rich solid minerals, including gold, iron ore, limestone, and granite, has struggled with the consequences of illegal mining, contributing to banditry and other criminal activities in the region.

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Responding to the issue, Governor Dauda Lawal had, on September 23, imposed a ban on illegal mining activities, directing law enforcement officials to take stringent action against violators to curb the associated challenges and ensure the safety of miners in the state.