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Yuletide: Top five fireworks alternatives for Christmas


As the Yuletide season approaches, several states in Nigeria are enforcing a ban on the use of fireworks, commonly referred to as “knockout” or “banger.”

This restriction aims to address various challenges associated with the use of fireworks, including criminal exploitation, heightened tension, and the increased risk of injuries and fire incidents, especially during the harmattan season.

Authorities in states like Kebbi, Nasarawa, the Federal Capital Territory, Delta, and Imo have issued warnings and implemented bans on the sale and use of fireworks during the upcoming Christmas and New Year celebrations.

In light of these restrictions, individuals seeking festive alternatives can explore various options to ensure a safe and enjoyable holiday season.

Here are safe and vibrant alternatives:


Glow sticks

Replace your “banger” with the safe radiance of glow sticks. These translucent plastic sticks come in various colors and are a cost-effective alternative to sparklers and a safer option, especially for children. Consider choosing sustainable glow sticks to reduce environmental impact.

Confetti cannons

Substitute the thunderous fireworks for a burst of confetti with air-powered confetti cannons. These cannons shoot biodegradable confetti up to 25 feet high, providing a visually stunning and eco-friendly alternative. Consider incorporating confetti-filled balloons into your celebrations for a personalized touch.

LED balloon lights

Enhance the festivities by placing LED balloon lights inside colorful 12-inch balloons. These long-lasting lights add a magical touch to the night, staying lit for more than a week. Float them in the air with helium for a mesmerizing display, making your celebration unforgettable instead of a noisy Christmas.



Kick off your summer party with aerosol streamer string cans, a fireproof and entertaining alternative to traditional fireworks. These cans are available in various pack sizes and add a playful and colorful element to your celebrations. Perfect for decorating trees, patios, or any outdoor party area, these lights come with a wireless remote featuring eight lighting modes.


LED laser light projector

Create the illusion of fireworks with an LED laser light projector that throws colors upward, synchronized to the beat of music. Not only does it offer an exciting alternative, but it also eliminates the health and environmental concerns associated with traditional fireworks. Host an outdoor movie night or livestream a professional fireworks show, creating a memorable and safe experience for all.