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You can’t make toothpaste or condom, so shut up and take Covid-19 vaccine, White Woman blasts Africans


A white lady named Tracy Zille recently took to her Facebook account to lash out at Africans for refusing the COVID-19 vaccines.

Since the reports that COVID-19 vaccines have been discovered in various foreign countries, Africans have been sceptical about it.

Tracy in her statement however stressed that Africans are not important and are not perceived as a threat.

In a series of post shared on her social media page, Tracy Zille berated Africans and labelled them as modern-day slaves who relied on the United States, China and other European nations for their products.

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According to her, the only things Africa produces are babies as she told Africans either to accept the COVID-19 vaccine or make theirs which she believes they can’t.

See her statement below;

It however, looks like Tracy didn’t get her facts right, while Africans may be sceptical about receiving the COVID-19 vaccines, there are reports of some Americans as well not ready to receive the vaccine due to mistrust which was why some of the countries leaders decided to receive the vaccine live on TV for all to see.

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She also misconstrued the fact that Africa is a breeding ground for babies, well the truth remains that many of the brains behind the good sectors in foreign countries also include Africans.

The Pfizer vaccine comes to mind as it also involved the effort of Dr. Onyema Ogbuagu, a Nigerian-born medical doctor, who is leading the Pfizer trial for the coronavirus vaccine in the United States.

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Africans bring a lot to the world apart from babies.