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You are hypocrites, Reno Omokri slams Nigerians praying for Ukraine


Nigerian lawyer and human rights activist, Reno Omokri, has berated people praying for Ukraine, describing them as prayer warriors without direction.

Omokri, who expressed his frustration in a tweet on Friday, disclosed that when Ethiopians were at war with Tigray, nobody remembered to pray for them despite the huge casualties recorded.

He said; “Ethiopia and Tigray have been at war. Over 100 times the number of people killed in Ukraine have died in that war. How many black Africans started pray for Ethiopia? How many even noticed? But now Europeans are fighting each other, you have turned prayer warrior!

Reacting to his tweet, a tweep, @Cashmade17 said; “A lot of Nigerians study and work there so it’s okay if they say pray for Ukraine

In a swift response, Omokri in an Instagram post on Friday said; “Dear @Cashmade17, I have been to Ethiopia 15 times. Not just the capital. The interior villages.

“Dangote has a cement factory in the Oromia region of Ethiopia. Nigerians work at that factory. It was captured by Tigray forces.

“More Nigerians live in Ethiopia than in Ukraine. But since Ethiopians are Black, you won’t notice! Your focus and attention is for White people, not for your own kind.

“This is so typical of our people. If it is White, it is right. If it is Black, put it at the back. And tomorrow you will say #BlackLivesMatter. How are you showing that it matters by your actions?”