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You are a full blown lesbian, Uche Ogbodo slams Inem Peter


Uche Ogbodo and Inem Peter

Uche Ogbodo has slammed fellow Nollywood actress, Inem Peter, by describing her as a full blown lesbian.

This was after

Uche Ogbodo and Inem Peter

Uche Ogbodo and Inem Peter

Inem Peter took to Instagram with a post in which she said that women are better of without men.

According to her, men are the major problem of women.

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This didn’t sit well with Uche Ogbodo who fired at her, saying, “from the mouth of a full blown lesbian”. 

See the screenshot below.

Recently, Inem Peter advised guys to give their girlfriend money all the time.

In an Instastories post, the actress said that no amount of money is ever enough.

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She advised guys to stop waiting for their girlfriend to be in need of money before they make it available to her.

The actress wrote:

“If the only time you give her money is when she needs to buy something, my brother you are on your own. 

“Give her money all the time. Money is never enough.”