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Yoruba Nation: Losing Jumoke to stray bullet after my husband’s death unbearable – Widow cries out


Yoruba Nation 14-year-old killed by stray bullet

Ifeoluwa Oyeleke, the mother of Jumoke, the 14-year-old drink seller reportedly killed by a stray bullet fired by the Lagos State Police Command during the Yoruba Nation rally in Lagos on Saturday says she has been denied access to her daughter’s corpse.

This is just as an emotional Ifeoluwa decried the agony of losing another member of her household following the death of her father some years ago.

The widow disclosed that she found her death too painful to bear.

“She had three siblings who are all girls. Her dad is dead.”

She added that “Jumoke was a good girl who hardly got annoyed; she was hard working.”


WuzupNigeria reported that Jumoke’s stomach was ripped apart with bullet(s) and was found in the pool of her blood in the shop of her mother. The mum was said to be at work in Ikeja when she got the tragic report of her daughter’s demise.

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In a twist to the narration, the Lagos Police Command debunked the claim after news of the victim report went viral by claiming that they never shot a single live bullet to disperse the Yoruba Nation agitators on Saturday.

However, Ifeoluwa who allegedly visited the Police Station where Jumoke’s corpse was believed to have been taken (name not disclosed), alongside her brother, said that the policemen on duty threatened to shoot them on the legs if they didn’t leave immediately.

The distraught mother-of-four further disclosed that the policemen also threatened to fire a tear gas canister at them.

Speaking to the PUNCH about the shocking death of her first child, Jumoke, Ifeoluwa who took a while to summon courage said, “I got a call while I was in Ikeja where I had gone to work.

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“When I asked to know what it was about, I was told that there was no issue but that my presence was needed at home.

“It was when I got home that I learnt of what had happened. I was told that the bullet shot by the police killed my daughter.”

Ifeoluwa stated that she had yet to see the corpse of her daughter since she got the news of her death yesterday.

“They’ve not released her corpse to us. I and my brother, under last night’s rain, got there, but were not allowed in. We heard them saying that if we stayed too long, they will shoot our legs and fire a tear gas canister at us.

“After a while, my brother discussed with them and they allowed us in to see their Area Commander who said he heard that shots were fired but that he didn’t know which station the officers behind it came from. “

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“He said this could be determined when the extracted bullet is examined.”

When asked if the police had told her anything about her daughter’s corpse, she said no, adding that she didn’t know where they took it to.

She stated that she would love to have a lawyer who would help her seek justice concerning the death of her daughter.

Speaking further, Ifeoluwa revealed that Jumoke was an apprentice at an ice cream shop and had just concluded Junior Secondary School education.

“She usually sat in the shop and never hawked.

“Anyone who can rise to our defence should please do,” she pleaded.