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It is wrong to spend your wedding night in hotel, lady tells newly-weds


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A Nigerian lady has advised new and intending couples to stop the practice of spending their first nights in the hotel.

Comrade Ella, the co-founder of Just World For Women and Children Initiatives, has taken to her Twitter page to declare it as a wrong practice.

Booking a hotel room to relax after the stress of the wedding reception has become a usual practice among intending couples. Some have seen it as an essential part of their wedding plans.

It is believed that spending the night away from their home would help them be a bit more distant from family and friends before embarking on a trip to their honeymoon destination.

Some also believe that going home right after the reception may not give them the anticipated vibes of the wedding night.

Well, Ella has told couples that it is wrong to spend the wedding night in a hotel room, which is their first night together as husband and wife.

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According to her, most of the rooms have hosted so many adulterous activities and such a place is not the right place ‘to lay your marital altar’.

She advised newly-married couples to always retire at their home after the wedding party even if it is just a room apartment.

She tweeted:

Dear newly married couples… Stop going to hotels to spend your first night with each other, same bed hired by some men to sleep with prostitutes is where you lay your marital alter, just wrong.

“Even if you have one room, sleep there.Don’t mess up your “foundation.”

Some Twitter users have disagreed with Ella’s tweet, describing it as

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Citing instances where the couple live in another town or country far from their wedding venue, they asked her what should be done if it is wrong to sleep in a hotel.

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See some of the reactions: