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Woman stabs neighbour to death during argument


A 40-year-old woman named Ann Lingwong has confessed to stabbing her neighbor to death during an argument in Calabar Municipality LGA, Cross River State.

The heartbreaking event occurred on Monday at Okoroba Street, Akim Road in that state, prompting law enforcement officials to intervene and investigate the incident.

Irene Ugbo, the Police Public Relations Officer, revealed this while briefing the press at the Police Command Headquarters in Diamond Hill, Calabar on Tuesday.

Ugbo shared that the police had made significant progress in their investigations during the recent period, leading to the arrest of 15 suspects involved in various criminal activities, including kidnapping, gun running, piracy, murder, and theft, among others.

One of the notable arrests included a notorious kidnapper who had been terrorizing the Akpabuyo area and its surroundings. Daniel Eshiet, a member of a criminal gang responsible for the abduction of a Larfarge staff member in September, was taken into custody.

The gang had reportedly demanded a substantial ransom for the victim’s release.

Additionally, Mrs. Ann Lingwong, who had fatally stabbed her neighbor during an argument, was also apprehended while attempting to flee the scene of the crime.

She stated, “Ann stabbed her neighbour with a kitchen knife during an argument; these 15 persons will soon be charged to court once we conclude our investigations”.

She further reported the arrest of an individual involved in robbing Point of Sale operators.

This suspect had traveled from Bayelsa state to carry out his criminal activities before being captured by the Anti-Cultism and Kidnapping Squad.

In her remarks, Ugbo emphasized the importance of community leaders and the political class fostering harmony and refraining from taking matters into their own hands. Instead, she urged them to seek legal remedies when faced with disputes or conflicts.