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You won’t believe why woman left three babies on the bridge (video)


woman apprehended with fake triplet

It is so unbelievable what some people can do to get easy money. 

A woman has been apprehended pretending to be a mother of triplet who needs money to sustain them. Meanwhile the woman rents the babies every day from their mothers. She uses the fake triplets to curry pity from passers-by on the Ikeja, Lagos pedestrian bridge.

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Many passers-by are automatically moved to donate money to the woman.

Recently though, the fake mother of triplet was discovered for what she is – a hustler, trying to make easy money. A video of the apprehension was posted online. A woman who saw the babies approached the authorities responsible for taking care of disadvantaged women and children in the state in a bid to get lasting solution for the woman and her supposed babies. When she came back to ask few preliminary questions, the hustler took to her heels, leaving the babies behind.

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So people who know her and other beggars around confirmed that the woman only rents babies for the purpose of begging.

It can’t be ascertained yet when the incident occurred, but the video was posted on Tuesday.

See the video below: