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Wike calls for stricter laws against crime in FCT


Federal Capital Territory Minister Nyesom Wike advocates for stricter laws to combat crime in the territory, expressing concerns over the inadequacy of existing penalties. 

Wike, addressing journalists in Abuja on Monday, emphasized the need for legislation that would deter criminals more effectively.

Wike highlighted an alarming trend of criminals vandalizing solar-powered street lights in the FCT, citing the current penalty of N30,000 as insufficient to discourage such offenses. 

He argued that if vandals are only required to pay a nominal amount, it provides little deterrent, allowing them to continue criminal activities.

In his statement, Wike proposed a significant increase in penalties to create a more formidable deterrent. He stated, “If, for example, you are caught and the penalty is N10 million, how many people can afford to pay N10 million for just one solar panel? So, that will be a deterrent.”

Emphasizing the importance of legislative action, Wike urged Senator Ireti Kingibe, representing the FCT in the Senate, to initiate a review of existing laws aimed at combating crime in the territory. 

He stressed the need to make punishments more severe to complement the efforts of security agencies.

Wike assured FCT residents that the government, in collaboration with security agencies, is actively addressing the security challenge and urged the legislature to play a vital role in ensuring the effectiveness of anti-crime measures.


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