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Why ladies shouldn’t be too excited to be a man’s valentine date – Reno Omokri


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A former presidential aide to Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan,  Reno Omokri, has told ladies why they shouldn’t be too excited about being a man’s Valentine date.

In a tweet to his 888.6K Followers on Sunday, Omokri opined that there are some things that need to be considered before saying yes to a man’s request to be his date.

According to the rights activist, ladies must ask their aspiring valentine dates what happened to their previous date during last year’s valentine.

Omokri also advised that those who aren’t bold enough to ask such question can do a private investigation to avoid being a disposable valentine.

“Dear ladies, Don’t be too excited if a man asks, ‘will you be my Valentine?’ Before saying yes or no, ask what happened to his last year Valentine. If you are not bold enough to ask, do your private investigation. Don’t be his disposable Valentine,” Omokri tweeted.

Reacting to the tweet in the comment section, one user @eugeneonwuka6 asked if the guys are allowed to conduct private investigations while seeking a date for valentine.

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He said, “but Valentine na one day date… can someone no longer have a date without attaching strings again? Should the guy also turn a private detective too before seeking Valentine date.”

Another user, Jayden with the username @chereolisa believes no one needs to ask his current partner to be his data on valentine by saying, “what exactly is the intention behind “will you be my valentines”? I feel once you’re in a relationship, then automatically you’ve gotten a val Or do you have a partner, and go ahead and ask another person? Singles nko? Is your val someone that you’ll get to hand out with that day.”

Meanwhile, Bede Bartholomew with the username @BedeBartholome1 said that Nigerian ladies will forget to ask the necessary questions and say YES when there’s money involved. “Nigerian women love only money, once you dangle it in their face, they will never ask questions,” he said.

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Another user, @CannonsGray believes that the tables have turned and it’s the men who need to to be careful of who they ask on a date for valentine. “Unfortunately, it’s ladies that have disposable Valentine’s now,” he said.