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What I told Tope Alabi, Alaseyori over ‘Oniduro mi’ saga – Telemi


What I told Tope Alabi, Alaseyori over 'Oniduro mi' saga - Telemi

Veteran gospel musician, Timi Osukoya aka Telemi, has waded into the imbroglio between Tope Alabi and Yinka Alaseyori.

Telemi appealed to music evangelists to bury the hatchet following the controversial statement Alabi made about the gospel artistes song, ‘Oniduro mi’.

Recall that Alabi was heavily criticised over the manner she berated her fellow colleague’s song, ‘Oniduro mi.’
According to Alabi, the Holy Spirit had cautioned her when she tried to sing along.

She said; “God is not my own guarantor; he is more than a guarantor to me. I love the song too but the day I tried singing it, the holy spirit told me to shut up,” she said in Yoruba dialect.

The mother-of-one went further to say that when one receives songs from the Holy Spirit, it always needs to be refined to avoid singing rubbish.

Nonetheless, in an interview with Saturday Beats, Telemi disclosed that he spoke to both parties about the issue, including the original songwriter, Tolu Adelegan and begged that peace reign amongst them.

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He said; “I have spoken to Tope Alabi and Yinka Alaseyori. I have also spoken to the original writer of the song, Tolu Adelegun, about the need for them to allow peace to reign. Aside from that, I also told Alaseyori not to comment on the issue to anyone, whether privately or publicly.

“That is because they are two sisters involved in the assignment. They should not allow themselves to be used by people who could twist their words and blow them out of proportion. That was why I asked Alaseyori not to talk because whatever she says, people would read meanings to it and it may not be what she meant.

“When I reached out to Tope Alabi, I told her that with the way the issue was going, she should tender an immediate apology on social media to calm the nerves of those saying different things, especially her fans. God has sent them to inspire us, so she should do that.”

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The 63-year-old veteran, speaking on the manner of approach in criticism noted that it differs from individual to individual.

“Anybody can condemn any song but the mode of criticism differs. You can walk up to me and tell me you noticed something in my music. There is no harm there. But, when it has to do with doing it publicly, it could be a bit dangerous. It is not everybody that can accept public correction but when it comes, a lot of things can be done.

“If 10 people receive a song, they will not do the same thing when they get to the studio. The original writer of the song sang it in a different way from the way people are now singing it. Nobody has a monopoly on the power of God, or the secret of God. Everybody has access to Him, so whether a particular song is wrong or not depends on perspective.”

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On the effects the controversy has had on the gospel music industry, Telemi said, “The negative side of it is that a lot of people are disappointed because the story is flying all over social media. I have heard about two broadcasts now telling our fans not to feel disappointed and discouraged by the issue going on, that all ministers are sorry.”

Although it is not clear if Alabi had heeded Telemi’s advice as a source close to the ‘Angeli Mi’ singer told Saturday Beats that a statement of her apologising to Alaseyori, which went viral on Friday, was not authored by her.