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We want the best for our sisters, Twitter users reveal why they can’t allow their friends date their sisters



Men can be very flippant and may look very careless, but when it comes to issues that directly affect their siblings, especially their sisters, they can be very protective and can go any length to shield their sisters from getting hurt.

Notwithstanding the usual feud among siblings, men don’t joke with their sisters. Even when they are still engaged in internal war, it doesn’t take away their brotherly love.

Men become so protective to the level they go all out to work against any form of relationship between their best friends and their sisters even when it is expected that their friend should ordinarily be a perfect suitor for their sister.

Well, some men have taken to social media to share why they can never be in support of a relationship between their friend and their sister.

One of the major reasons some men cited for not supporting the idea of their best friend dating their sister is that they know their friends and they want the best for their sister.

Many also expressed fear that the relationship will not last long as it will eventually go south.

@elsharon_ikem tweeted:

@Applebutt19 said he cooked up lies against his friends when he discovered his sister was already catching feelings for his friend.


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