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Volleyball catching up with football in Nigeria – Nimrod


President, Nigeria Volleyball Federation, Musa Nimrod, says he is glad his administration has been able to bridge the huge gap between football and volleyball in the country.

Nimrod told The PUNCH that his objective of developing volleyball from the grassroots was already paying off; saying people were beginning to develop more interest in the sport.

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He said, “I believe in grassroots developmental programs because that is what this nation needs at the moment.

“A time will come when my tenure will end and I will leave for another person who will take over but I need to set up a developmental program so that whoever is going to be the next President of the federation would be able to have a strong foundation that he or she can build upon.

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“Today, I am very happy with my achievement because we have many volleyball grassroots development course in Nigeria.

“I’m proud that what happened in the ’70s and ’80s is taking place again; there’s the competition between volleyball and football, and I saw it this year where a football match was going on and volleyball game was also going on.

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“People left the football game to watch volleyball in Kaduna and I was shocked. It’s time to start developing other sports in Nigeria because what happened in Kaduna shows that volleyball is also competing with football.”

Source: Punch