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VIDEO: Pastor Timilehin Adigun reacts as actress, Juliana Oloyede, berates him over social media accounts


Pastor Timilehin Adigun has responded to Juliana Oloyede after the latter called him out on social media, saying that he knows many of her secrets but won’t reveal them to the world as he is her ‘father’.

Recall that Olayode on Monday,had called out her estranged ‘spiritual father’, Pastor Timilehin Adigun, accusing him of controlling her passwords and impersonation.

She further alleged that he has refused to release her passwords to her since 2020 and that he even went as far as unpublishing her Facebook account.

Reacting to her claims, Adigun claimed that he created all Juliana’s social media accounts, including YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook for free as a father would do.

He said that he made sure Juliana got all her passwords and he didn’t have any of them currently.

“I don’t have any of your passwords, none, I did not enter an agreement with you as you manager, I didn’t sign any contract with you, I managed you as your dad.

“I signed endorsements with you as your dad and before you left that day, you wept in front of me and my wife, because you know my wife forgives easily, you were saying mama how do I forgive, teach me how to forgive.

“You were pained about a couple of ways I had failed you, but I apologized to you that day and I said Juliana I’m sorry give me a chance to make it up to you,” he said.

Speaking further he went on to narrate how she left his church after he did something which she was unable to forgive.

However, Adigun admitted that he used her Facebook account to make a post but when she called him out on Instagram about it, he deleted it.