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VIDEO: Coursemates jeer as James Brown takes computer presentation


Despite being in school in the United Kingdom, Nigerian crossdresser, James Brown, is still entertaining his fans.

The self-acclaimed ‘Princess of Africa’ shared a video of him giving a presentation about computer in class.

Midway through his presentation, a coursemate raised questions about Brown’s funny accent.

Piqued by his action, the crossdresser immediately shut him up by asking him to come out and continue from where he stopped.

Brown said, “If you have issues with the way I’m reading, come outside and read it durling.”

The clip which has gone viral was shared on his page with the caption;

”School 🏫 Girl 👧 one of my powerful skills is presentation & I’m always open to learning more 🥰

“Enjoy 😉 the process”

Watch the video below;