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Unlike Buhari, Tinubu is incharge – Ndume


Ndume in a recent interview on Channels Television’s Politics Today,  contrasted Buhari’s leadership style with that of the current President, Bola Tinubu, whom he described as more hands-on.

Ndume suggested that Buhari’s approach was more hands-off, assigning tasks without close supervision, which he believes led to issues within the government. 

He also mentioned that Buhari himself acknowledged the presence of corrupt individuals in his administration.

“The President here is in charge. He takes charge, unlike our former President. That President will just give you an assignment, he will not look over you.

“That is where the problem is and he (Buhari) knows that. That was the mistake President Buhari made. He ended up confessing these days that he had more kleptocrats in his government that people that has more interest at heart,” he said.

Additionally, Ndume addressed the controversy surrounding the playing of President Tinubu’s campaign song during the 2024 budget presentation at the National Assembly. 

He downplayed the criticism, pointing out that similar expressions of support, such as the “Sai Baba” chant for Buhari, had occurred in the past without issue. Ndume defended the action, implying that it is not unusual for lawmakers to show support for the President in such a manner.

He said “It is not a crime. Honestly, it is not a big deal. In this country, we pick on trivial things. When a President walks in, there are times that some members take advantage of that situation to even challenge the President directly.

“When Buhari came some time back, this same thing was done – ‘Sai Baba’ (was chanted). So why should Tinubu’s case be a big deal?”.


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