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UNBELIEVABLE! What this California man did from 129feet will leave you shocked (video)


A stunt jumper went way over board in his latest stunt, capturing in a video that has gone viral, a heart-stopping 129-foot leap into Orange County, California’s Newport Harbor, barely missing a dock.


The guerrilla stunt jumper 8Booth made attached a GoPro to his hand and mouth so we get all the right death-defying angles of what he calls one of his “sick jumps” in the YouTube description.

8Booth caught the attention of authorities after he scraped his back against rocks in a cliff plunge. He has also landed a few risky plummets into swimming pools.

Watch the video below:


But this could be his most dangerous yet. “Thanks everyone for waiting on this insane video, I promise it was worth the wait!” he wrote.

He also added, “Don’t try this at home, I’m a professional.”