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UK Police disperse 300 maskless revelers for flouting COVID-19 restrictions


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The Metropolitan Police have invaded and dispersed over 300 revelers from an illegal party on Primrose Hill in Camden, London.

The maskless revelers were accused of flouting the United Kingdom’s ‘rule of six’ restrictions as they defied social distancing measures.

No arrests have been made but officers continued to patrol the area over the Bank Holiday weekend, the Metropolitan Police said.

The scenes came as lockdown restrictions across the country were eased and six people, or two full households, were allowed to meet outside, including in back gardens, for the first time in four months.

Footage from the rave in London shows the maskless revelers lock arms and dance to music that is playing from a sound system.

The party-goers continue to embrace each other as they sing along to the music, despite the social distancing guidelines in place.

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson said:

‘We were called by concerned residents to Primrose Hill, following reports of a large group of around 300 people described as engaged in anti-social behaviour and playing music from a sound system.

‘Officers attended and dispersed the group from the location. In order to do so there was temporarily a large police presence in the area.

‘No arrests were made and officers continued to patrol the location over the Bank Holiday weekend.’

Chief Superintendent Raj Kohli called the scenes ‘selfish’ and said the party-goers had abused officers who later tried to disperse the mob.

He wrote on Twitter:

‘Words fail me but here goes. Disappointing doesn’t even come close. Selfish is a good word for much of the behaviour I have been told about/seen.

‘The attitude towards the police officers who attended was beyond unacceptable. I really cannot express how I feel about this.’


Source: DailyMail UK