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Twitter user shares how AS couples can avoid giving birth to SS child


AS couple

A Nigerian lady has taken to Twitter to share what she described as a solution to the dilemma and stumbling block that kills the love affair between intending couples with AS genotypes.

Over the years, medical practitioners always advise intending couples with AS genotype not to get married in order to avoid giving birth to babies with sickle cell anemia.

It has been medically proven that if such union happens, they risk chances of having a child with SS.

But @haddassah_x in a series of tweets on her Twitter page said she has devised a means that could help intending couples with AS to escape giving birth to a child with SS.

She tweeted:

“So I came I. Twitter and saw Genotype AA I’m an AS myself and so is my boyfriend. We found out recently and I started panicking. We went right to Google to check compatibility and all. We found that even tho is not the best combination but there’s a solution to it.

“If an AS and AS get married they would give birth to AA,AS,AS, SS. It’s a 25% of having an SS.

“And there’s an option (mostly at sickle cell centers) for the couple to Carry out a test within 9-11 weeks to check the genotype of the foetus and abort if it turns out to be an SS therefore saving themselves and the child the future pains

“This post is getting longer than planned but what I’m trying to say is intending couples shouldn’t panick as there’s a solution. You just need to carry out more research and consult a doctor. You shouldn’t give up on your potential relationship because of the AS and AS genotype.”


See her tweet: