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Tweeps react as 22-year-old Hijab sister rejects Alhaji’s proposals


A 22-year-old graduate, Zainab Abidoye, has stirred reactions online after revealing that she rejected a marriage proposal from a man  30 years older than her identified as Alhaji.

Zainab, who recently graduated from the University of Ilorin, shared her experience on Twitter, stating that she declined the proposal due to the significant age difference.

In her tweet, she narrated, “This man that I refused to marry decided to send me a wedding video of him and his small wife today at 6 am. Was I pained? Yes, a little bit, can’t lie. But did I regret my decision? No!!!! The lady even looks exactly like me, same shape and, the same complexion. Men are funny” (with a laughing emoji).

Zainab emphasized that besides the age difference, she rejected the proposal due to the toxicity of the relationship and other undisclosed reasons.

She explained, “He was 30 years older than me; He wanted me to be his second wife, which I’ve vowed not to ever be; He was toxic (won’t go into details); He has a lot of money to take care of me, which he was generous about can’t lie but that’s not enough reason for me to marry him.”

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The story took a new twist when someone claiming to know Zainab and Alhaji shared additional details, suggesting that they had been in a relationship since she was an undergraduate. The source claimed that Alhaji had been funding Zainab’s extravagant lifestyle, including trips abroad.

Netziens on X (Twitter) reactions poured in, with some supporting Zainab’s decision, while others criticized her actions.

@BadaruJamila expresses skepticism about Zainab’s stance, “Ok I get, u can be with him for every other reason except marriage. You are 22 years, he is probably 52 years u didn’t have a problem with his “ generosity “, but u r here giving a long lecture on why marriage with him is a no no…”

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Handler @SelomSarl also quipped, “Tell that 22 years old lady that God bless her. 98% of our women should learn from this experience. Marriage is not for short term relationships. Money is not marriage. Love – marriage then money will come 109%.”

@Joji_D_Oracle asserted thatt Zainab was actually unhappy with the turn of events stating, “She is pained and will remain pained because her sponsor has married and she won’t be going on any trip anytime soon.”

@Chimaizuobi also joined, “’His new wife looked exactly like me.’ Yes, because the man had his specs and wasn’t interested in just anything…”

@dymegyjoe seeks more clarification from Zainab of the situation stating, “I need some explanations about the toxic part. Is that she has been dating the man up to the time of the marriage proposal?”

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@chrisman1201 jokes about the difficulty of competing with the lifestyle provided by a wealthy older man stating, “How 22 years old boy wan compete with 4 vacations a year…”

@CasmirImo criticizes Zainab for her actions, asserting “This girl should be ashamed of herself. She is a Muslim right? I thought Muslim girls pride themselves with chastity? Or are they this morally decadent? Someone should advise her.”

@Nana_Remi03 also joined in stating, “Zainab, ọmọ buruku ni ẹ, 22 and a thief. Your parents that are supporting your thief life will eat the fruit of their labor too. Ọmọ irankikan
Ọmọ kata. Why date him? Why not turn down all his offer? Olè, ọ̀lẹ, ọ̀kánjúà, oniranu ọmọdé, and you’re riding his D!ck!”