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Traffickers abduct, sell Kano teenagers for N500k per victim – Police


The Kano Police Command has successfully arrested 11 kidnappers and rescued seven teenagers who were abducted in Bauchi and Kano.

The children, unfortunately, had already been sold to traffickers in Lagos and Enugu states for amounts ranging between N400,000 and N500,000.

Commissioner of Police, Husani Muhammed Gumel, while parading the suspects at the Bompai command headquarters, revealed that the victims, mostly of the Hausa tribe, had undergone a process of cultural conditioning to the extent that they could no longer understand their mother language.

He further disclosed a disturbing case involving a medical doctor allegedly aiding in the kidnapping of one of the girls while she was on admission at Bauchi Hospital. This particular victim was subsequently sold for N500,000 in Lagos.

In a related development, Gumel informed the public that a suspected criminal had been apprehended who declared an intention to detonate an explosive device in Kano, prompting heightened security measures in recent days.