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Three killed in Abuja community clash


Tragedy struck the Byazhin community in Kubwa, Bwari Area Council of the Federal Capital Territory, as a clash between local scavengers, known as Baban bola, and residents resulted in the deaths of two women and a young boy.

Eyewitness Jessica Adam recounted the harrowing events, revealing that the conflict began when a Baban bola attempted to steal a woman’s pot of soup but was thwarted and subsequently beaten by the woman and her neighbors. In retaliation, the scavenger returned with a group of hoodlums armed with weapons such as machetes, clubs, and stones, launching a violent attack on residents.

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The assailants targeted individuals indiscriminately, leading to the tragic deaths of the woman whose pot of soup was targeted, as well as an unidentified woman and young boy who were caught in the crossfire.

According to Adam, the community has been in turmoil since the incident, with sporadic violence continuing into the following day. While police intervention helped restore order, no arrests were made, prompting intensified patrols in the Byazhin area to prevent further unrest.

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Confirming the incident, an anonymous resident acknowledged the deaths but expressed uncertainty regarding the cause of the clash. The area near Millionaire’s Quarters behind Living Faith Church, where the violence occurred, was described as notoriously dangerous, particularly in the evenings.

In response to inquiries, FCT Commissioner of Police, Bennett Igweh, characterized the event as a “disturbance,” asserting that only one person sustained injuries from machete wounds and was receiving medical treatment. Contrary to eyewitness accounts, Igweh stated that no fatalities occurred.

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