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Three injured as armed robbers invade Oyo community


Three injured as armed robbers invade Oyo community

Armed robbers launched a terrifying attack on Owalla Community in Ido Local Government area of Oyo State. Three individuals sustained serious injuries during the harrowing ordeal.

The brazen robbery occurred at approximately 2:45 a.m. on Tuesday, when the criminals descended upon the community, wielding dangerous weapons and targeting homes. The invaders swiftly began breaking windows and burglar bars.

Despite the predawn assault, the Western Nigeria Security Network, known as Amotekun, responded promptly to a distress call placed by the Chairman of the Landlord Association, who opted to remain anonymous. Nevertheless, the marauders managed to strike two homes, leaving several individuals injured.

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According to accounts on Vanguard provided by the victims, the robbers entered the premises by scaling the fence before launching their assault on the windows of their homes.

One resident recounted, “When they came, they ordered us to open the door, which we refused to do. Then, they started banging on the windows and burglar bars with a sledgehammer until they forced them open. They concealed their faces, and we could discern that some of them remained outside.”

“They struck two men with the butt of their rifles and assaulted another woman in the face. One of the victims reportedly proceeded to the Ologuneru police station to file a complaint,” she added.

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She expressed gratitude that security personnel responded swiftly, preventing the criminals from causing further harm. The security team arrived from a nearby community called Akatapa, prompting the assailants to flee the scene.

A policewoman, who spoke on condition of anonymity, stated, “I alerted my colleagues, and they arrived promptly. The robbers fled, but they returned once they believed the security personnel had departed. Fortunately, the police returned when another distress call was received.”

Sources revealed that the wave of robberies has been plaguing Ologuneru and its environs. Just a day prior to the attack in Owalla Community, the criminals had targeted the Adeosun and Apete areas, robbing residents of their belongings.

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Residents expressed their concerns, emphasizing that such attacks have become an annual occurrence as the year draws to a close. Some even mentioned that the criminals often leave threatening letters posted in conspicuous locations within the community.

One resident pleaded for enhanced security measures in the area, stressing that robbery cases have become alarmingly frequent. “The government should please help us strengthen security in this area. Cases of robbery are too rampant,” they urged.