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The good life women enjoy come from men – Singer Morachi


Singer Morachi has said that the good life most women enjoy in this world is as a result of the money provided by men.

Sharing on Instastories, Morachi said that men are now getting wiser and will soon be only interested in dating financially independent women.

He advised women to praise their man instead of feeling entitled or throw insults at him.

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Morachi shared:

“Lol… to all my beautiful ladies out there, let me give y’all an expo on what’s currently going on in the world of today’s men. They are starting to lose interest in women who are not financially independent. And in the nearest future, men would only wanna date financially independent women only. Time for everyone to worker harder or smarter. Men are getting wiser, so you might wanna praise them a lil instead of feeling entitled or call them scums when the good life most women enjoy come from men’s money.”