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TAX: Nigerians react as FG introduces self-certification forms for bank account holders



Nigerians have taken to Twitter to express dismay about the introduction of the self-certification forms for bank account holders which the Federal Government announced on Thursday.

The forms, according to the FG, is to enable “financial institutions to carry out due diligence procedures in line with the Income Tax Regulations 2019.”

All persons holding accounts in different financial institutions have been required to complete & submit the form to each one of the institutions, adding that failure to do so could attract menetary fines and other sanctions.

Some Nigerians have however expressed shock at the introduction of the self-certification tax form for numerous reasons such the economic situations, unemployment, amidst others.

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One notable worry for some is the fact that they feel that the purpose sets to defeat the purpose of the Bank Verification Number (BVN), drivers license, NIMc, as banks could pull their account holders records and get across to respective holders with the form.

Commenting on the update, one Twitter user said, “Which one is Self-Certification form again?! Are you telling us that National ID card, BVN, drivers license, NIMc, etc. are not enough to certify us? Who comes up with these ideas sef?!”

Popular social media influencer, J.J Omojuwa also reacted in a series of tweets saying, “Na you do National ID card, na you do SIM registration, you even did Bank Verification Number to align accounts but you are here again talking “Self-Certification. Even if you are confused about running government, can you at least pretend not to be confused?”

According to @ebelee_, manual filling of forms seems unnecessary. She sais, “We’ve identified & verified ourselves through every means possible with National ID, BVN, sim registration, drivers license etc but you still want us to MANUALLY fill form to come & tell you who we are AGAIN. If you don’t know who we are at this point, we are fine with it abeg.”
“BVN. National Driver’s license. National ID card. INEC registration. International Passport. Biometrics were taken in all these places. Why do you people like to see us suffer in queues for no reason? Can’t you take whatever data you need already? This is just so wrong,” says @AyoOyalowo.
@iSlimfit commented thus, “Forward-thinking Nations are building digital solutions to solve various problems. But in 2020, our own government still wants us to go queue under the sun to fill and submit “self a certification” forms despite National ID, BVN, Voters Card etc. Suffer no dey taya you???”