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Tanzania rejects Covid-19, implements steam therapy to fight virus


Tanzania’s government in the past weeks launched a nationwide campaign to promote steam therapy to curb the spread of Coronavirus.

Speaking to reporters in Tabora, Regional Administration and Local Governments Minister Suleiman Jafo said the campaign is aimed to promote alternative remedies, including steam inhalation and consumption of more fruits and vegetables to fight infections and boost immunity.

“The coronavirus has no place in our country. We will effectively kill the virus by steam inhalation, and eating fruits and vegetables,” he said.

41-year-old entrepreneur, Tumaini Lucas who lives in the Mabwepande area on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam, is one of many in the bustling city who have embraced the steam therapy to fight infectious diseases such as the coronavirus.

“Steam therapy is the best way to flush off viral infections. It makes you feel good and fresh,” she said.

Lucas, who is originally from Tanzania’s northern Kilimanjaro region, said her family has always used culinary herbs to treat diseases, eliminate viral infections and keep germs at bay.

“My granny never went to the hospital when she got sick. She simply disappeared into the forest to pick some herbs, boil them and steam herself for half an hour to get the badly needed relief,” Lucas told Anadolu Agency.

As part of efforts to fight the spread of the coronavirus, the Tanzanian government has shunned conventional medicines and is instead touting the use of traditional remedies, including steam inhalation to fight respiratory infections.

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